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Mona J Fine The Law Offices of Mona J. Fine is a general practice law firm focusing on Family Law, Estate Planning, & Probate. We offer many services for both individuals and businesses. If we can't help you, we can refer your business to another trusted attorney within our network.

Some of our legal services include:

Family Law

Child Custody
• Prenuptial Agreement
• Grandparent Rights

You were once in love. Now emotions have made everything between you turn ugly. Hiring the wrong lawyer to fight your emotional battles will only put money in your lawyer's pocket. More than likely, it may not satisfy your long term needs. This is particularly true if you have children. Come and speak with an attorney who has been there both on a professional and personal level. I am a strong advocate on behalf of my clients, but am able to clarify and separate the emotion for the best interest of the family over the long term. I believe in keeping your money in your own pocket or that of your family, where it belongs, to the extent possible. Negotiation is the best avenue to control the process. Let me help you through this difficult process.

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Estate Planning

• Wills
• Trusts
• Durable Power of Attorney
• Living Wills
• Healthcare Power of Attorney

Why do you need an estate plan? If you don't have a plan in writing, in proper form, the government will decide who will acquire your assets. The government may also be forced to determine who will look after your minor children in the event of your demise. Do you have step children that you care to include in the distribution of your estate? Suppose you become incapacitated. Who will handle your finances, make your medical decisions, determine whether to put you in a nursing home? If you own your own business, what will become of it in the event that you are temporarily or permanently unable to make legally binding decisions?

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Probate is the process by which one has their affairs tied up upon their passing. When you prepare a Will, you also choose a responsible person to act as Executor over the Estate. This could be a spouse, an adult child, a sibling, or a trusted friend. Their job is to collect all assets and debts related to the decedent (the person who has passed away.) They would open a bank account for the Estate and deposit all assets and pay the debts from that account. Meanwhile, various documents have to be filed with the Probate Court, who monitors how all the assets are spent and ultimately disbursed to those designated in the Will by the Decedent. We will walk you through the process to whatever extent you need.

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Contract Drafting and Litigation

Land Contracts

Are you selling a piece of property or a business? Are you looking to contract for 'a lease to own' property? Or do you simply need to transfer property to another or take title in a different form. If so, we can help with any of the below listed:

• Deed Preparation
• Leases
• Lease to Purchase
• Easements
• Contracts to Purchase

Business Contracts

• Operating Agreements
• Partnership Agreements
• Buy/Sell Agreements
• Employee Handbooks
• Employment Contracts

Education Law

• Suspension
• Expulsion

Mona has spent much of her career helping children with special needs, and their families, obtain the education to which they are entitled under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA). She has the compassion to understand the needs of the student, their parents, that of the school district, and the teacher. Drafting realistic plans that move the child's educational progress forward is key. If you are in need of an advocate to help ensure your child's needs are being met, please contact the Law Offices of Mona J. Fine. She will attend IEP meetings, expulsion, and suspension hearings.

Insurance Denial Disputes

• Homeowner's Insurance
• Life Insurance
• Disability Insurance
Have you been denied coverage under a policy of insurance that has taken your money for years, until such time as an issue arises? Mona has had much success in obtaining benefits under the terms of a policy where a denial of coverage had been a roadblock in the past. As an Insurance Defense attorney for over 20 years, Mona is familiar with the policy language and is able to ferret out holes in the Insurance Companies' argument in avoiding paying a claim.

Personal Injury/Property Damage

• Motor Vehicle Accidents
• Slip/Trip and Fall
• Catastrophic Injury
• Wrongful Death
• Defective Products
•Construction Litigation
Mona has 22 years of experience with personal injury and property damage cases. She is a litigation attorney who is not afraid to argue a case before a jury. Mona will guide you through the process in order to ensure the most favorable result. There is a process. If you don't follow the correct procedure, you may ruin your chances of recovery.

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